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Tired of feeling like the handmade marketplace is a race to the bottom?

We get it. Pricing your handmade work is hard! The latest expert pricing formula gives you a price that's like five times what your competitors are charging. You're worried if you priced where you should be, people will look at your prices and run. 

You are committed to creating a real, sustainable business out of your crafty skills. You want this to be your livelihood. And that means this business must be profitable. It’s just not negotiable.  

Profitability all begins with your prices. In order for your business to thrive over the long-term, you must have a profitable pricing strategy in place. So how do you get there?

You likely have a ton of doubts when it comes to your prices...

  • We recently surveyed hundreds of handmade sellers who are in desperate need of a mindset shift when it comes to their pricing. Common concerns were:
  • "How can I feel confident people will pay my prices?"
  • "I feel like everyone is going to buy the cheaper products and not mine."
  • "The pricing formula wasn't realistic."
  • "I always doubt myself and ask if anyone would actually pay that price."
  • "Just because I know what I should charge based on cost of materials, overhead, and time, doesn't mean I am comfortable doing so."
  • "I haven't yet found a way to justify higher pricing, still make sales, and pay myself more than fifty cents an hour."
  • "If I price accurately, I’ll never sell because other sellers under price the same product"

If these sound like thoughts straight out of your head, keep reading!

Think about your current pricing strategy. you actually have one? Maybe it involves some crazy, unrealistic formula that quickly frustrates you. 

Or maybe you surf competing shops and set your prices a couple bucks lower. 

Maybe you just take a shot in the dark or price it at whatever you feel seems reasonable today.  

Do you know if your prices are helping you build a business that can support you for the long-term? 

Have you paid yourself this year? Or re-invested it all back into the business? 

Be honest with yourself. Do you have that wiggling suspicion that your time and energy are worth more than what you’re charging?  

Your skills are amazing. Your goods are stellar. But if your prices stink, you’re working super hard for nothing. You’re building a business that will fail over the long-term.

the pricing workshop

Feeling 100% confident about your prices means...

  • Actually being able to meet your financial goals, both on a business and personal level
  • Doing less work for the same amount of money (or more!)
  • Being able to talk about what you do with pride, instead of defensiveness
  • Knowing what sets your goods apart from the competition and not feeling pressured to compete on price
  • Attracting the RIGHT kind of buyer to your shop
  • Wasting no time playing the dreaded comparison game and stuck in negativity
  • Knowing that every sale you make is positively contributing to your bottom line and moving you toward your dreams
  • Not feeling drained, burnt out, or ugh when you hear that *cha ching*
  • Building a sustainable, profitable business that will truly support you, financially, creatively, and emotionally

Enter Janet + Danielle: We can help you!

janet leblanc

We’ve seen too many women dedicate their dreams and precious time to building a business, only to close down shop a year or two later because they were bleeding money. We want to help more handmade sellers craft sustainable pricing strategies so they can build businesses that support them.  

That’s why we’ve joined forces to create The Pricing Workshop. We’re combining our years of experience as makers and businesswomen, our individual strengths and education, and our time working with other handmade sellers to create this truly unique perspective on all things pricing.

danielle spurge

Praise for The Pricing Workshop

"Janet's approach in the beginning made me really sit down and go through my numbers in a way that helped me define my goals more specifically than I ever had before…The workshop helped me figure out what “full time income” vs “part time income” vs “side hustle spending money” would each require in terms of inventory, product offerings, and pricing strategies. As an artist making original paintings the handmade Etsy niche doesn’t always seem to apply to me. But in this course, I was pleasantly surprised that it all still felt relevant and applicable. I was able to do all the exercises and thought the examples provided nicely captured a range of product types so it wasn’t hard to “translate” to my own situation."

"I completed The Pricing Workshop and I found it to be the most helpful information in terms of trying to figure out pricing. There are so many pricing formulas on Pinterest but this workshop really provides a lot more information about pricing that those blogs do not provide. I had lots of "ah ha" moments when completeing the modules. They break it down in easy chunks and give the details I had been missing."

the ART and SCIENCE of handmade pricing

The Pricing Workshop dives into both the art and science of pricing handmade goods. A well-balance, sustainable pricing strategy must consider both.

You must first know your numbers. Like really well.

First we’ve got Janet, the accountant behind Paper + Spark, explaining the numbers side of things. Janet covers:

Setting financial goals to pay yourself & re-invest in your biz

Figuring out your product costs

How to cover your overall business expenses in your pricing strategy

Building in the ability to pay yourself

Ensuring a profit margin that allows you to re-invest in your biz

Using a flexible pricing formula and how to tweak it for your needs

How underpricing leads to working harder for less money

How to re-evaluate whether your pricing strategy is working

Then, you must build a shop that will sustain sales at that price.

We know a truly successful pricing strategy is so much more than just numbers and equations. This ain't no cookie cutter approach to pricing that drops a formula on you and then leaves. That’s why we’ve got Danielle, embroidery artist and founder of the Merriweather Council, walking you through the art of pricing. Danielle discusses:

Building confidence in your prices

The importance of perceived value

Price point strategies

Charging your true worth as an artist

How to educate & attract the right customers 

Standing out by focusing on benefits over features

Knowing when it's time to raise prices (and how to do it with ease)

Steps to take to support the prices you need to be charging

The end result is a pricing strategy that gives you the ability to pay yourself what you deserve and is sustainable for long term success.

What's included in The Pricing Workshop?

  • 16 lessons covering handmade pricing from both an art perspective and a science perspective
  • Dedicated forums at the end of each lesson to ask questions & get answers
  • Lessons are a mix of videos (with captions), text, printable worksheets and summaries to help you work through the material
  • Tons of examples covering different types of products
  • Self-paced content 
  • Lifetime access and access to all future updates

Got questions? Learn more on our FAQ page here.

Yes! I'm ready for profit.

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the pricing workshop

After completing The Pricing Workshop...

  • You'll have a truly well-rounded pricing strategy, with a deep understanding of your product costs and business costs
  • You'll know the prices you need to charge for individual goods in order to meet your overall business goals. 
  • You'll know the qualitative changes you need to make to actually support those prices and still make sales.
  • You'll know when it's time to raise prices and how to do it with ease.
  • You'll feel *joy* with every sale since you're valuing your time and honoring your worth.
  • You'll be confidently on the path to building a profitable, sustainable business that wil support you for years to come.
  • Pricing your goods will be an easy process with a known, strategic system...NOT something you constantly stress about!

Stop doubting yourself and start valuing your time and talents.

About Janet

janet leblanc

Janet is a Certified Public Accountant and the owner of Paper + Spark. In 2011, she started selling handcrafted jewelry on Etsy as a creative outlet from a soul-sucking job in corporate accounting. The winding path of entepreneurship connected her with other makers struggling with their finances. She combined her love of numbers and all things handmade in 2014 when she founded Paper + Spark. P+S is now the go-to resource for educational content, financial tools, and spreadsheet templates for makers. Janet's goal is to help creative entrepreneurs become more confident and less confused about the financial side of running their business. 

About Danielle

danielle spurge

Danielle is a maker and craft business 'biz bestie' who loves iced americanos and pop music. Through her work at The Merriweather Council, Danielle teaches creative people how to turn their crafty tendencies into profits. On her blog and podcast, Danielle aims to inspire and support makers in business and share insights from her 8+ of experience selling handmade work online and working with hundreds of students to do the same. At the Merriweather Council, we believe in celebrating the reality of gainful self-employment through craft and wants to help more artists and crafters share their work with more confidence.

We've joined forces to create The Pricing Workshop to guide you through pricing for your worth, getting rid of the doubt, and achieving your goals. Together, it is our purpose to help more women build profitable, sustainable handmade businesses. We are here to help you to build the empire of your dreams, and that starts with a solid pricing strategy. So let's do this!

We are both passionate about helping more handmade business owners succeed.

Praise for:

paper and spark

"Janet from Paper + Spark has been a lifesaver for me! Not only have her spreadsheets made my life so much easier, she has been extremely helpful when I was having trouble understanding how to use them. Awesome products, awesome company & awesome owner! I'll forever be a customer! " - Ashley, A&A Custom Crafts

"I cannot say enough good things about Paper + Spark. I came into the small business world knowing very little about the financial/bookkeeping end of things. I had taken some classes through my local small business center but just could not wrap my head around all the terminology and how it fit with the unique scenarios of a handmade business. I was really struggling. I am so thankful I ran across a recommendation for Paper + Spark in a Facebook business-related group. I truly do not know where I would be right now if I had not found Paper + Spark." - Shannon, Polka Dots & Snails

"I am beyond thankful I read about Janet and her Paper + Spark spreadsheets on Facebook. They are PERFECT for my small handmade business. Not only did she provide me with the product I was looking for, but also the help I needed through that first year when questions came up in her private FB group. Now I am the one recommending Paper + Spark to all the handmade business owners on Facebook!" - Elizabeth, Libby Ann Quilts

Praise for:

merriweather council

"Danielle's advice is consistent and comes from her own experience as a shop owner. She knows, because she's been there!" - Deanna

"What I appreciate most about Danielle is her level of integrity. She genuinely cares about her students and delivers on anything she says she is going to do. Danielle keeps up with the pace. She doesn't waste my time with fluff or filler. She's pretty much the bees knees and the only biz mentor I need to keep my business healthy." - Mae

"I consider The Merriweather Council one of the most important tools in my business. Not only does Danielle breakdown the fundamentals of selling handmade in a way that's easy to understand and implement, but she's also a constant encourager and confidence booster. The resources that Danielle has provided have helped to increase sales, gain exposure, and make decision-making easier and faster. I often refer to my shop BD (before Danielle) and AD (after Danielle). AD is where you want to be! Her content is accurate, precise, and actionable. And she has a genuine interest in her students succeeding and reaching their goals. I wouldn't trust anyone with my business that hasn't been there themselves. Danielle's experience as a successful handmade business owner is invaluable and something that you don't find everywhere." - Kim

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Got questions? Learn more on our FAQ page here.