baby steps to getting your books in gear for the year

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The 2020 Bite-Sized Bookkeeping Bootcamp for Etsy Sellers will be released in late November 2020. Join the wait list and be the first to know - you'll get a special early bird discount!

As the end of the year approaches, are you getting stressed about how far behind you are with your business bookkeeping? Not looking forward to playing "catch up" for tax time?  

If you're behind with your Etsy shop bookkeeping, I've got the perfect solution for you - the Bite-Sized Bookkeeping Bootcamp, especially for handmade sellers. It's the next best thing to having an accountant there with you.

The Bite-Sized Bookkeeping Bootcamp is designed to help you catch up on your 2020 finances in the least stressful way possible. I've broken down everything you need to do to update your books for the entire year in tiny, itty bitty, doable steps that are actually manageable.

In the Bite-Sized Bookkeeping Bootcamp, I'll walk you through:

  • Quickly importing your Etsy sales, fees, and expenses for the entire year
  • Entering your sales and fees from other sources, like Amazon, Stripe, PayPal and your bank account
  • Compiling & organizing your expenses in such a way as to make entering them as painless as possible
  • Dealing with inventory and supplies for tax purposes
  • Creating final documentation along with a paper trail for tax purposes or to hand over to your accountant

...Plus I always explain what you're doing as we go, so you can actually understand and feel confident about your accounting and tax requirements.

Reviews for 2016-2019 bootcamps:

"I literally cried tears of relief and joy the moment I started this course IT IS exactly what I had been dreaming that someone would come up with to help us "non numbers" type of people.... taxes, numbers and all the mumbo jumbo are not my thing BUT with this course I was able to follow along easily and do a years worth of accounting from Etsy and Amazon...I did it all within a few days and presented it to my CPA who said to tell you "WOW THANK YOU!" lol you made his job very easy! And you gave me the tools and skills needed to understand it all in a simple, quick easy to follow fashion. BEST course I've ever bought :)"

"Janet, your bootcamp saved my sanity! I can be such a procrastinator, especially when it comes to crunching numbers, seriously I'd rather watch paint dry! Your bootcamp helped walk me through step by step exactly what I needed to do in order to have my numbers correct for tax time. I feel so familiar and comfortable with the spreadsheets now I'll be ready for next tax season without the stress!"

"I am not sure I would continue to run my little Etsy shop without Boot Camp. I was paralyzed with worry over tax preparation. Now I feel prepared to do the will be slow and tedious but I know I can do it."

"This course is amazing!!! First year living in the US and doing taxes for my Etsy shop. I had postponed the whole year learning what I needed to do to be ready for tax time and when I had almost no time left I found these resources! I finished it in about a week because I was entirely dedicated to it. The small steps made me feel like I was going somewhere and not overwhelmed by the amount of tasks that needed to be done. Definitely will be purchasing more of the spreadsheets - like inventory and COGS-. Looking forward to being disciplined about bookkeeping my expenses, sales, etc throughout the whole year. Thank you so much Janet!