PSA: 3 types of taxes you need to know about as an e-commerce seller

...and when to worry about them

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The week of March 25th, I'm explaining the 3 types of taxes every e-commerce seller should understand (in plain English!) You will:

✅ Fix or avoid any costly mistakes in your own shop

✅ Banish your money shame

✅ Feel CONFIDENT about your shop's finances

✅ Ask questions and get answers in a judgement-free zone

This training is perfect for e-commerce sellers just getting started AND for more experienced sellers who have struggled (or procasti-hated) with getting their financial ducks in a row. So wherever you are in life or business, come get your learning on!

What's in this free training series?

Days 1 - 3 will be delivered each morning as a private podcast you can stream on any device or via your preferred podcast player.

On Day 4, I'm hosting a capstone workshop LIVE at 12pm EST, with an encore live evening presentation at 8pm EST. Once you register, you'll receive links to each day's content in your inbox.

Tax #1:

Streaming March 25th @ 9am EST

Tax #2:

Streaming March 26th @ 9am EST

Tax #3:

Streaming March 27th @ 9am EST

tax 101

Live Workshop and Q&A

Two Live Masterclass Options March 28th

morning edition @ 12pm EST, or

evening edition @ 8pm EST

Will I see you there?

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Days 1 through 3 will be delivered via a private audio recording for you to listen to while you work or on the go! You'll be able to download and listen on your computer or mobile device, or stream via your podcast player of choice. Each audio stream will be released at 9am EST each day, and you'll receive an email with a direct link.

On Day 4, I'm switching it up with a live one-hour workshop hosted over on Crowdcast. I'm offering TWO sessions (one at noon EST and one at 8pm EST) so you can show up live to whichever one works for your schedule! During this class, we'll wrap up the types of taxes you learned about on Days 1 through 3 and also cover WHEN it's time to deal with each of these types of taxes. I'll also share your other (non-tax) financial responsibilities, and an overview of how to get your financial ducks in a row as a shop owner.

When you register for the training series, you'll automatically be signed up to access both the audio streams and the video workshop (live and replay!).


Absolutely! All registrants will be able to access the audio streams and a replay of the live workshop until the evening of Wednesday, April 3rd. Make sure you sign up to get access to the replay & audio links!