September 13-16: free live training week for e-commerce sellers

paper and spark tax 101 training series

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The week of September 13 - 16, I'll go LIVE at 12pm EST each day to share the top 4 financial mistakes e-commerce sellers make.

You can:

✅ Banish any shame around money

✅ Feel CONFIDENT about your shop's finances

✅ Fix or avoid these mistakes in your own shop

✅ Ask questions and get answers in a judgement-free zone

This training is perfect for e-commerce sellers just getting started AND for more experienced sellers who have struggled (or procasti-hated) with getting their financial ducks in a row. So wherever you are in life or business, come get your learning on!

What's in the live sessions?

We'll cover the 4 most popular mistakes that online sellers make.

Mistake #1:

Announced on Sept 13 @ 12pm EST

Mistake #2:

Announced on Sept 14 @ 12pm EST

Mistake #3:

Announced on Sept 15 @ 12pm EST

tax 101

Mistake #4:

Announced on Sept 16 @ 12pm EST

MASTERCLASS on September 16th: The truth about your financial responsibilities as a handmade seller

I'll give an overview of not just how to deal with your shop's books, but also how to get your financial foundation set up correctly, including:

  • Getting registered
  • Sales taxes
  • Bookkeeping
  • Income taxes
  • Plus live Q&A so you can get your questions answered!

After this workshop, you'll feel comfortable taking control of your business' financial foundation and ready to breathe easy!

Will I see you there?

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Absolutely! Life gets crazy, and you may miss some of the live sessions. I'm leaving up the live replays on my Facebook page until the evening of Wednesday, September 22. I'll also be offering an audio feed version of each session so you can listen on your phone or via a podcast app if you prefer. Make sure you sign up to get access to the replay & audio links!


Of course! These are meant to be interactive trainings, and they're 100% free. If you need some more context, you can jump in and ask in the chat or wait until the Q&A portion at the end. If you're catching the replay or audio version, you can always DM or email me with your questions!


I'm trying out something new, especially for those of you who love to listen on the go! When you sign up for the training, you'll also be emailed a private audio feed link you can subscribe to. If you prefer to listen to these trainings (rather than watching a video), you'll have access to that option too!