Need a path forward to get your shop legit? Grab this step-by-step checklist.

you can build your shop's financial foundation with clarity and confidence.

get legit checklist

Not sure if you've got all your shop's financial STUFF set up right?  

Stop trying to figure out your financial responsibilities by piecemealing together what you find on Google & Facebook!

Grab your free step-by-step checklist that outlines every step needed to set up the financial side of your shop correctly.

get legit with this checklist
get legit toolkit

Ready to stop spinning your wheels (i.e., endlessly Googling everything + surfing the never-ending forums) and *actually* get clear about your business' financial responsibilities & requirements?

You can once and for all with the Get Legit Toolkit, a step-by-step course for makers, Etsy shop owners & physical product sellers.


  • Exactly what you need to do to from a financial perspective to set your business up right 
  • How to organize your business funds, bookkeeping system, and financial documentation sensibly 
  • What you're required to do on a state level and exactly how sales tax works 
  • What to expect at year end and tax time and how to prepare throughout the year to avoid any stressful surprises 
  • The accounting concepts you need to truly comprehend as a successful business owner (and nothing extra!)
  • How to feel confident about the money side of your biz and breathe easy in the knowledge that you aren't missing something important