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Next Level Numbers will help you:

  • Know which product line is your most or least profitable.
  • Know which platform to spend your next $100 of advertising budget.
  • Know how much raw materials or inventory to stock for this holiday season.
  • Know which product to push (or even where to push it!) to meet your big sales goal for the month.
  • Know what to do TODAY that will move the needle the most.

Put indecision & marketing flail to rest once and for all with Next Level strategies.

Enroll in Next Level Numbers & Join the Mastermind

Next Level Numbers teaches you the strategies to make more money, waste less time, and streamline your business.

next level numbers

Real life student wins:

  • Eliminating products that were secretly eating profits
  • Breaking up with time-consuming social platforms that weren't contributing converting traffic
  • Finding secret *pot of gold products* that contributed more to their bottom line
  • Running a new product idea through our profitability framework BEFORE creating it & realizing it wasn't financially worth the time or effort in the long-run
  • Creating the exact new product that made the most sense and boosted sales
  • Discontinuing ads on platforms that were bringing eyeballs but not actual customers

If you're working to increase your sales, boost your bottom line this year, pay yourself more, or even work fewer hours - your NUMBERS can actually help you achieve this!

If you've been selling for a while & you're searching for a community of e-comm sellers that GET IT - this mastermind is for you.

janet Leblanc

Valuable + authentic community is hard to find - that's why a key part of this program is the Measured + Methodical Mastermind. With this 12-month membership, you'll learn & grow alongside other experienced e-commerce sellers via our private community, co-working sessions, and live challenges.

It also gives me the chance to learn more about YOUR business and work closely with you to answer questions, provide personalized guidance, and create more targeted program content that applies to you.

You don't have to keep working in isolation.

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you as I really debated whether I could afford to spend the money on the course, and even though I'm only a little over half way through - it's one of the best courses I have ever done!! EVER! In ANY area. The videos are short, packed full of info, very easy to digest and for the first time since starting my business (almost 4 years ago) I can finally say I understand exactly what I need to do to grow my business. I finally have the road map I need to implement the changes required to get there. A huge thank you for creating this course!"

— Next Level Numbers student

"I just really appreciate Janet's brain and the way she thinks and have loved being able to apply her frameworks to my own business. The NLN Dashboard spreadsheet is my FAVORITE thing. I do not enjoy math but I truly love data and the dashboard is a gold mine for understanding your revenue streams, product mix, and expenses as well as planning and tracking your progress with regards to revenue and budget. The framework that Janet provides is worth every penny."

— Next Level Numbers student

Embracing your numbers WILL help you grow, and it doesn't have to be hard!

I developed the Next Level Numbers framework so you can easily copy & paste my exact step-by-step process to leveraging your numbers in order to work less and boost your profits.

Use my trusty framework and my plug & play Next Level Numbers dashboard to embrace your role as CEO of your shop...with the help of a CPA!

You don't have to dive into data alone. HERE'S THE BEST PART - I'm going to tell you:

  • Exactly what to look at
  • Where to look for it
  • What it all means

and most importantly...

  • How to properly act on that information!

Because here's the deal - knowledge is great, but it is NOTHING without execution & implementation. Sure, I want to teach you how to better understand your numbers. But more importantly, I want you to be able to USE that knowledge for good! 

That's why Next Level Numbers is all about how to USE your new-found number knowledge to make a BIG impact on your business. I want you to be empowered to work smarter, market strategically, make fewer costly mistakes, and increase your bottom line JUST by having this knowledge in your back pocket.  


1️⃣ Year-long access to the Next Level Numbers course content, dashboard & framework.

The self-paced course is a deep dive into my unique framework. You won't just learn how to review & interpret your data, but more importantly - how to use your results to take intentional, effective action in your business. We'll focus on three main approaches to your numbers:

  •  Reviewing your results & drawing valuable insights from them
  •  Setting goals and breaking them down in a way that is actionable & motivating 
  •  Utilizing your new knowledge to take the guesswork out of your decision-making and take impactful daily action that effectively grows your business

2️⃣ Year-long access to our coaching & co-working community, the Measured + Methodical Mastermind - so you can actually consume & utilize what you learn

3️⃣ Lifetime access to my Next Level Numbers dashboard - a plug & play template that will automatically generate key metrics, graphs, and charts to help you understand your business better ⬇️⬇️⬇️

"The dashboard itself is so eye-opening and I have really appreciated being able to see so many different facets of my business deconstructed on the pages. If you want to better understand your business, your customers, your spending, and how to strategically plan for your business, this is the course."

"Janet's education has completely changed the financial health of my business. Which has rolled into selling more, better profits and a much happier business owner experience. Best business investment I've made."

"I just had a HUGE win that wouldn't have been possible without all of your help and encouragement... Since I now know my numbers and am planning much more purposefully...I was able to take an opportunity that presented itself unexpectedly and rent a studio/warehouse space! "


Here's what you will uncover in each module: 

next level numbers


  • Get to know the life-changing Next Level Numbers plug & play dashboard as you enter past results
  • Dive into all the key strategies every smart e-commerce seller should understand
  • Compare your stats to industry benchmarks
  • Learn how to improve each key metric using our key metrics flow charts & checklists
  • Narrow your focus for the biggest impact
next level numbers


  • Set your big dreamy take-home pay goal so you can work towards paying yourself what you deserve
  • Work through my unique process for setting financial & metric goals for your next 12 months
  • Set an expense budget for your business
next level numbers


  • Create a detailed, super helpful, and dare-I-say fun revenue map & expense map for your business year using my unique process
  • Compare the different ways your business brings in revenue to make smart decisions

The next modules are all about the execution of your newly aquired knowledge (because knowledge without implementation is pointless!).

next level numbers


  • Turn your financial goals into strategic action (and results!) by creating marketing plans for each revenue source
  • Learn strategies you can utilize for effective time management (calendar mapping, batching, automation and more)
  • Learn how to review & track your progress with the monthly & quarterly framework guides & checklists
next level numbers


  • Set up Google Analytics to properly track goals & metrics, and give you the data you need to make smarter decisions into the future
  • Learn how to tell what's working and what's not working by using these analytics
  • Understand how to review your goal-implementation strategies against your analytics results

By the end of this course, you will know how to interpret your results to get the most impact out of your limited time & energy. You'll feel confident letting your numbers guide you in making quick, smarter decisions to grow your shop & make more money.

☀️ Summer School kicks off June 12 ☀️

Join me in the Mastermind for Summer School! Each month, we'll use the student community, private podcast feed, and co-working sessions to focus on one area of your e-commerce business. We'll use this slower time to put systems in place that will lead to BIG results over the busier Q3 & Q4 seasons.

💌 June - Email marketing

📈 July - Paid ads testing

🚦August - Traffic camp

Your next level of creative community awaits in the Measured + Methodical Mastermind.

The Next Level Numbers framework is combined with 12 months of access to the Measured + Methodical Mastermind community, which includes:

  • 12 months of membership to a private mastermind Facebook group - a safe space to ask questions, share wins, stay motivated & accountable, and bounce ideas with a group of people who GET it. 
  • 2x/month Co-working sessions - Are you (also) guilty of buying courses, apps, or shiny objects that you never finish or take action on? Enter our community co-working sessions. Twice a month we'll gather with dedicated time to work on a specific task or project.
  • Access to the live annual goal-setting plan-a-thon - Every January, I host a month-long planathon series. I'll be going live in our FB group 3-4x a week as we work through reviewing your year and setting new financial goals in bite-sized chunks. This is one of the most anticipated teachings I do every year!
  • Access to other live events, challenges, and trainings - Join us for seasonal live challenges like summer school, traffic camp, holiday planning and more. These are paid offerings to the public - but you get them included with your membership.
  • 12 months of one-on-one Voxer office hours - use this voice message app for unlimited chatting with me on our designated office hours day each month. You can even submit your work in advance for me to review & send feedback.
  • Access to our private Measured + Methodical podcast - prefer learning on the go? I'm sharing exclusive audio trainings via a members-only podcast. You even get the opportunity to submit questions for me to answer on the podcast itself.
  • Access to the Measured & Methodical recorded training vault - recorded trainings based on your suggestions. Current trainings include All about S-Corps, how to price digital products, and Profit First for e-commerce sellers.

Next Level Numbers course (12-month access)

12-month membership to private FB community

Access to private podcast

Live planathon & other live events & challenges

12 months of one-on-one Voxer office hours access

2x/month co-working sessions


What kind of results can you expect from Next Level Numbers?

Ignite your profits 

Increase your net income and pay yourself what you deserve, consistently

 Understand your numbers 

Finally get a true understanding of how to interpret your finances, metrics and analytics, and use that info to take inspired action

Clearer decision-making

Know what to do when, understand when it's time to "break up" with a platform, product line, or marketing strategy

Strategic, focused marketing  

Know where your highest converting traffic comes from and double down

Better time management 

Work less and work smarter! Use your limited time & energy to get the most financial impact 


Feel good about stepping into the roles of CEO & CFO for your shop

Peace of mind  

Forecast your sales & set goals with more accuracy

Prepare & anticipate

Better prep for holidays & busy seasons with data and trends to guide your decisions

Still wondering if you're capable of understanding your numbers? Or how it'll actually make a difference in your life?

In Next Level Numbers, I walk you through the exact step-by-step process, number-crunching, and mapping exercises I've used in my own business and with dozens of other online sellers to create growth year after year.

🚫There's no condescending jargon or terminology here, and PLENTY of real life examples to help you put your numbers or metrics in context. I'll show you how data is your friend - and how it doesn't need to stress you out!🚫

Through my unique mapping process, you will not just crunch static numbers or set pie-in-the-sky financial goals. Too many shop owners set financial goals but don't understand what it will take to get there.

What would paying yourself $20k, $50k, $100k+ a year require of you and your business? Is your goal doable? What changes need to be made to get there? What products need to be cut, tweaked, or re-priced? What marketing efforts need to be scraped or doubled? 

We'll not just set the goal - but create the road map for how you're going to get there. Instead of taking a reactive approach to your numbers, we're creating the proactive approach. 

Check out the Modules below to get more info on some of the work you'll be doing in Next Level Numbers.

Who is this for? 

The course & mastermind are designed for e-commerce sellers who already have a steady drip (or deluge) of sales.  

Whether you’re brand new and taking off OR more experienced, the only requirement here is that you have SOME data on hand to work with - which means you should have some sales under your belt already. (You don't necessarily have to be turning a profit yet - in fact that is something we can focus on INSIDE the program!)

The concepts I teach will apply to any shop owners with a physical OR digital product - so that’s makers, supply sellers, vintage shop owners, resellers, infopreneurs, course creators, digital designers, etc.  

Your online platform of choice matters not - wherever you sell online, as long as you can get your hands on some data, you’ll benefit from this course!  

All you need to succeed in Next Level Numbers is some financial data on hand, a willingness to learn, and a readiness to get to work!

You don't need to have a financial background or an accounting degree to learn how to grow your business and make more money, while spending less time doing it.

"This is the first time I've realized that doing this planning and paying attention to my numbers has a direct correlation to the success of my business...I think as crafters we get this idea that if we just make stuff it will all come together. But it's not just about the making. You need to know your numbers and put a plan in place so you can know what and how much you need to make."

- Real life goal-getting maker

Why do I want to teach you this stuff? Why should you learn it from me?

Hey friend, my name’s Janet. I'm the creative-yet-numbers-obsessed brain behind Paper + Spark, where I’ve been working for the past 9 years as an accountant and financial educator to help more creative women feel GOOD about their money.  

One of the most important things I've learned has been how to talk about numbers, money, and other business concepts (ones that seem to be tangled up in a mix of negative emotions, confusion and fear) in a way that sets *big* light bulbs off in your head. 💡💡💡

I want to help you feel empowered by your numbers - why? So you can make more money. Yeah, wanting to making more money doesn’t make you a slime ball. You are working HARD over there, and you deserve to be paid accordingly! I will help you add a vital tool to your toolkit that allows you to grow a sustainable + profitable business - and that’s learning your numbers!  

The concepts I am sharing with you inside Next Level Numbers are based on the knowledge I have gained from having the privilege of watching my customers grow and bloom due over the years. I am so ready to share this unique program that takes numbers to the next level - and I hope you are ready to be a part of that with me!



Yes! As long as you sell online somewhere, this program and all the concepts we discuss & apply will work for you.


You will have access to all 8 modules when you complete your purchase! You have year-long access to all the course content, so you are welcome to work through at your own pace.


Your satisfaction is important to me! If you enroll in the course and decide later that it's not a good fit for you, I'll provide a no-questions-asked refund up to 14 days after enrollment. No refunds will be issued after that period.


No, the concepts you'll learn in this course are applicable regardless of your location, tax requirements, or currency.


The NLN course is comprised of video, text, PDF worksheets/checklists, and a few spreadsheet templates. Everything is published inside the Paper + Spark Thinkific course platform.

The Mastermind group is hosted in a private Facebook group. Additional trainings & videos are uploaded in Thinkific or via private podcast for easy access.


No worries - I can't either! My goal is help you make your numbers actionable. Emphasis on the "action". Most videos in the NLN course are under 15 minutes, so you have the option to digest content in short chunks.

I'm personally tired of paying for programs that have weekly Zoom calls. I don't have time for that! That's why I'm offering you as much on-demand support as possible - Voxer access (like a walkie talkie - chat with me wherever you are!) and audio lessons/podcast resources so you can listen while you're working!


Nope. Let's save that stuff for another (less fun) day. Next Level Numbers is all about reviewing your financial & numerical data, how to interpret what you're looking at, how to set goals based on that, and how to work differently based on that. It's a lot of number goodness, but we won't be talking about taxes or even bookkeeping in here.


This program will benefit anyone who sells any kind of physical or digital product, OR service providers, designers, and those who do client-based work. 


Of course! Once your year is up, you'll receive an email with more information on how to renew your mastermind membership, along with access to the Next Level Numbers course.


So much good stuff - namely, one-year access to the Measured & Methodical Mastermind. This is a private FB group where you have direct access to me and your like-minded peers. We'll bounce marketing strategies, ideas, and number insights off one another as we work through the course. You will have access to the group for the next 12 full calendar months.

You also get one-on-one access to me via Voxer on your designated office hour day each month. Use this free walkie talkie app to send voice messages to me with your questions. You can submit your numbers, goals, or work in advance if you'd like me to review it. Use this opportunity as like a CFO in your pocket, all day!

Twice a month co-working sessions where you will have a dedicated time to work on a specific project, task, or course are included.

Finally, the Mastermind is where the annual and mid-year planathons & other live events will happen, along with access to the members-only podcast.


You are always welcome to email me at hello@paperandspark.com. There is also a handy chat bubble on the bottom right side of your screen where you can send me a message and get a quick response!