Asana for Goal-Getting Makers

how to reach your goals faster and get more done while keeping your sanity

I'm ready to work smarter now for $46.

Just a typical day in the life of a handmade seller...

  • Print postage labels. 
  • Check Etsy convos. 
  • Post in VIP Facebook group. 
  • Forget you ran out of that fabric you need. Scribble that on a piece of paper within arm's reach. 
  • Baby wakes up from nap. 
  • Frantically package an order. 
  • Search for that receipt from last week. 
  • Check your email - can't remember if they ordered from your Etsy shop or Shopify site. 
  • Try to update books but give up after 5 minutes. 
  • Need to create a Pinterest graphic for this blog post. 

Time to pick up kid from's over!  

....Wait a sec - what did I actually just get done?!

If you often feel like the hamster on a wheel, constantly working on your business to do's without actually moving your business forward, you aren't alone.  

Most of us spend weeks, months, and even years caught up in the daily grind and hustle of running our creative businesses. But we rarely (if ever!) take time to work ON our businesses - or doing the things we need to do to actually meet our goals, get to that next level, and achieve the great things we're capable of.

I want to show you an easier way.

Using a totally free productivity tool called Asana, alongside a complete mindset shift in how I break down my BIG goals to daily to do's, I have become immeasurably more efficient in how I get things done for my business (and I work at home with 2 small children!). 

I want to share my system with you - my fellow scrambled moms, stressed out Etsy-preneurs, and serial project jugglers. I know you have ALL the ideas and goals and responsibilities and THINGS just like me, and I'm ready to give you the tools to handle them with less overwhelm and frazzle.

It's sort of like creating your own boss for your buiness (except a good one!) - a boss who has your best interests at heart and wants you to achieve your biz goals, make more money, and live a more-balanced life

What does Asana for Makers teach me how to do?

  • Use Asana and time-saving hacks especially for creative entrepreneurs and online sellers
  • Streamline, automate, and schedule your daily, weekly, and monthly business activities
  • Specifically create processes and schedule time for common tasks like order fulfillment, blog content creation, social media marketing, admin tasks, and bookkeeping
  • Automatically dump your orders from all venues in one place so you can provide streamlined customer service
  • Create an annual and quarterly roadmap for your business goals
  • Break down your big goals to actionable baby steps over time
  • Make time for reviewing results, tracking your progress, and evaluating the health of your business

The course is one part goal-setting concepts, one part productivity mindset, and one part how-to tutorials on how to use Asana and other tools that integrate with it to make your life easier. 

asana course
asana course for makers

What Goal-Getters are saying...

"As someone who has always broken down projects into tasks and wrote them each on post it notes and wall papered my office with them - this course was just what I needed to upgrade my ways. No more post it notes everywhere, and I am learning how to better organize my time and make progress. Janet has a way of clearly explaining everything. She breaks it down, shows an example, and leaves room for you to expand or change an idea to fit your needs and your business. If you are a visual learner and creative that lives in your head or leaves a trail of to-do's everywhere, don't think twice. Invest in this course! Thanks Janet for introducing me to Asana."

"I love how you uncomplicate things using just a free Asana account! Your teaching style is fluff-free straight-to-point - and your systems seem battle-tested. As a person with an irregular schedule (due to an illness), I love your honesty that your schedule's relatively irregular as well and that you can still make things work! It just gives me hope that I can also do the same! "

"I enjoyed this course very much. I wish I had known about this years ago. I finally feel like I will be able to streamline all the many hats I wear to run my business from home and become more productive quicker and less overwhelm."

Build a better boss + get a sneak peek.

What will I have when I'm done? 

A better balance of working IN your business with working ON your business.

A clear and detailed path towards achieving your big financial goals with day-to-day activities.

Systems that result in managing your business from a proactive, not a reactive mindset.

Peace of mind knowing you are steadily working towards meeting your goals wih the work you do each and every day.

A manageable daily to do list and a bird's eye calendar view of what needs to be done over time...balanced with your actual REAL LIFE.

A place for brain dumping ALL your ideas as a creative, and a system for dealing with them (and not forgetting them!).

Less decision-fatigue (I have 30 minutes - what should I do? Ugh, IDK. Let's just watch Netflix.) because you have a process, plan, or checklist for your work.

This course is beneficial for anyone who struggles with prodcutivity, time management, or an overwhelming to do list. Whether you run an Etsy shop or a brick & mortar shop, whether you have four kids or no kids, whether you're totally brand new to the biz world or you've been running shop for years - you will learn how to excel at reaching your goals! 

Asana for Makers is basically the missing link between your HUGE GOALS and your daily to do list. 

Imagine logging onto your computer or phone each day and seeing a manageable to do list, knowing exactly what you need to work on to both keep your shop running efficiently and move you a step closer to achieving your goals. That’s what I want to give you with this system.

asana app

Reviews from real life Goal-Getters!

"First of all, this is definitely the fastest I’ve ever gotten through a business course I purchased—normally they sit for weeks before I go through them, but I was so eager to get into this one. I related so much to everything you were saying about unpredictable schedules and having multiple things on your plate, etc. (I’m also a mom of two kiddos and I never really know when I’ll get to work.) The video on batch scheduling…might have been life-changing. I felt like you were in my brain, haha!  

Anyway, I feel like you’ve given me the tools here to put together a really flexible, workable system to keep me moving forward. I often feel like I’m just treading water, trying to keep orders filled and make stock for shows, and never getting a chance to implement the many ideas in the back of my head. I think I can change that now and I’m really excited."

- Leah

"I just finished watching the video on the zaps and I feel like I won the lottery!"

- Shannon

"I cannot believe how utterly AWESOME your Asana for Makers course is! I’ve gotten up to about half of Working In Your Business and I’m just blown away. If I had realized exactly what was in it earlier, I would have gotten it months ago…  

I know you wrote out what you covered but somehow it didn’t click that there was SO SO much content and SOOOOO many lists and charts (boards) and ways to make my life easier and simpler and...

Did I tell you how happy I am that I got this?  

Yes, Asana is good and Asana for Makers helps so much by my not having to reinvent the wheel. " 

- Martha

So tell me more about what this course is actually like...

I want you to understand how Asana and this goal-setting methodology works quickly so you can get to implementing these processes in your own life ASAP. 

The course is self-paced and taught via 15+ bite-sized videos. There are two summary checklists to help you stay on track with what we cover, along with a handful of CSV files so you can import to do lists right into your Asana account.  

The videos cover about 2 hours of run-time, and I expect you will also want to set aside time to set up your Asana projects and lists, flesh out your own checklists and processes, and implement the goal-setting work we cover in the course. The program isn’t going to work for you if you don’t actually do the work!

Course Materials:

  • 6 videos on navigating Asana, shifting your goal-setting process, and your new productivity mindset
  • 10 video tutorials on building systems for working IN your biz, including processes for marketing, bookkeeping, blogging, order fulfillment, email, and outsourcing
  • 5 videos on how to build better systems for working ON your business, including tracking your progress, scheduling time to review results, brain dumping ideas, and how to make batch scheduling actually work in real lie
  • 2 PDF checklists for keeping track of your progress and using as a cheat sheet for referring back to
  • 8 CSV templates you can import into Asana to jump start your own lists  
  • A bonus video on using Asana to organize your personal life

Meet your productivity guide, Janet LeBlanc.

janet Leblanc

Hi! I’m Janet. Maker, Certified Public Accountant and mama. I’m also the founder of Paper + Spark, the go-to resource for creative business owners who are ready to bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life with more confidence and clarity.  

I work from home with my (very talkative) 4-year-old daughter and (electrical-outlet-obsessed) 1-year-old son, so my time to work on my two businesses is not just limited, but also sporadic and inconsistent. 

My major obstacle has always been time management, and I've tried it all - paper planners, post-it notes, washi tape, to do lists, phone apps, computer calendars, etc. I knew I could achieve great things, if only I could GET.MORE.DONE!  

 Last year, through a hard-fought system of trial and error, I finally found a method of getting things done and meeting my goals without losing my mind. This method continues to work for me every day to balance the work of moving my business forward while dealing with every day life. 

Thanks to this process, both my businesses hit revenue highs in 2017 and have grown every year since then (even in 2020!). And most importantly - I also didn't feel like I was going crazy! I want to help more women get things done by sharing my process.